What Can I Do to Improve Insulin Sensitivity, Reverse Insulin Resistance, and Lose Weight?

How to Reverse Insulin ResistanceThis is the primary reason you would be proceeding with this nutritionally based medical weight management program.  My focus is to reduce or eliminate insulin resistance so you can lose weight, but equally as important, maintain the weight loss.

Many people may lose fifty pounds and still be insulin resistant.  Why?  This is because of the genetic issues, hormonal issues, nutritional deficiencies that still may be present. This condition needs to be treated and monitored for long term results.

What Improves Insulin Sensitivity?

First and foremost, follow an insulin-lowering diet which we utilize in this practice.  The meal plan contains adequate lean protein, controlled carbohydrate levels and a balance of healthy fats.  In addition, we test and pay attention to correcting nutrient deficiencies with vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin B12.  Other nutriceutical treatments such as N-Acetyl Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic acid, cinnamon, and others also are helpful.

We are often able to replace medications that aggravate insulin resistance with other ones that do not facilitate the development of insulin resistance.

Starting a regular exercise regimen of cardiovascular exercise and some strength training is extremely helpful to improve insulin sensitivity.  However, it is important to recognize that initially, the most significant benefit will be realized from dietary changes and correction of nutrient deficiencies.  If I have a patient who is not yet exercising, I ask them to focus on the meal plan, as this part of a healthy lifestyle does take time.  Once a patient has adjusted to the meal plan and has successfully fit it into his or her life, exercise is the next lifestyle change to address.

Sometimes people commit to more things than they can do.  After all, there are only 24 hours in a day.  Over-commitment is likely to result in frustration and failure, and life becomes unbalanced.  However, if you are already fitting a regular exercise routine into your life, do not stop!  Keep with it, as the effects of diet and exercise are additive when it comes to managing and correcting insulin resistance.

There are times when dietary change, correction of nutrient deficiencies and exercise are simply not enough to resolve insulin resistance.  In those cases, I may recommend some medications to improve insulin sensitivity. I have found it very helpful for my most insulin resistant patients.

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Insulin Resistance Hinders Normal Weight Loss

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