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Bookshelves sag with the weight of diet books. Magazine articles and TV programs report the latest studies on diet and obesity, the importance of carbs, low-fat protein, fiber and dairy products. Most of our patients find much of this stuff confusing. What one “expert” says is good for you, another says to eliminate forever. What can you believe?

We will debunk all the myths for you and break down the theory. When you join our program, each week you will receive a new packet of information from Dr. Cederquist that will help you to understand how your body reacts and what to do to lose weight and keep it off for ever.

But you don’t have to wait; you can start learning more today by reading the Healthy Facts from Dr. Cederquist.

We will update our “Healthy Facts” page regularly, so click on and visit us often or better yet sign up today for our newsletter to receive your copy first.

    Allergy Testing
    Discover the Best Way to Test for Food Allergies

    Vitamin Deficiency
    Discover all you ever wanted to know about vitamin deficiencies and weight loss

    Women and Menopause
    Hormonal Changes can make weight loss extremely difficult

    Insulin Resistance
    Learn about this condition that makes it extremely easy to gain weight, and hard to lose

    Fitness and Health
    Find the Health Facts you've been missing

    Men's Health
    Health for our Heros

    Physicians Weight Loss
    Detailed for Doctors, check out this corner

    Weight Loss Management
    Here's to Your Best Weight Loss Management Ever!

    Recipes for Weight Loss
    See your favorite recipes that delight your taste buds and trim your waist

    Senior Health
    Nutrition and Health information specifically for Seniors

    Health Tips
    See these quick and easy health tips from Dr. Cederquist

    Best Diet for Menopause
    Discover the Best Diet for Women in Menopause, and how it can help you lose weight or keep from gaining weight during this stage of life.

    Cederquist Video Library
    View exciting and informational videos on weight loss, menopause, nutrition, and health.

    Discover sypmtoms of PCOS, and how it affects weight loss

    All you ever wanted to know about your Metabolism

    Weight Loss Success Stories
    Hear from our Patients how they have achieved success in losing weight and keeping it off

    Diabetes - Discover how to lose weight with diabetes, and the best diet for diabetics

    Estrogen and Hormones: All you need to know about healthy estrogen levels

    High Blood Pressure
    Find out how to best treat your high blood pressure. Discover the truth about low sodium, potassium, and how to lower your blood pressure naturally

    Heart Disease
    Learn more about heart disease, and the best diet for cardiovasulcar disease

    Tips to Lose Weight
    Learn quick, easy tips to lose weight

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