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 Weight loss Success and hormone replacement therapy HRTI had a full hysterectomy in my 40’s, and I maintained my weight between 108-110 on hormone replacement therapy.  As I progressed into my 50’s (and I may mention that I did not change anything about the way I was eating or exercising) the scale started creeping up and my body began to gain.   Twelve years ago I weighed 134, and more recently at age 61 I weighed 165 pounds! I gained weight all over including my breasts.  I went from a C cup to a DD. I was 55 pounds overweight within the years following my hysterectomy.

Even while on the hormone replacement therapy (HRT), I had experienced hot flashes, among other menopausal symptoms.  I was most frustrated about my weight not budging. I reduced my caloric intake, tried a myriad of diets, including Weight Watchers, South Beach, and just cutting back on calories. 

I continued exercising, walking, elliptical, treadmill, rowing machine, and exercise classes, including doing double exercise classes on some days after spending 15-20 minutes on the machines.  I did all this with no success, with no weight loss at all to show for it. I was at my wits end.

I knew one of my friends had been successful with the Cederquist program, and so I was hopeful that I would be too.  I have learned why my body gained the weight, and better yet, how to lose it.  I have lost 26.5 pounds so far, and I am very happy with how I have been able to continue losing.  I am glad to be finally making steps forward, and ending the vicious weight gain cycle. Now, with the right program and guidance, I know the menopause metabolism can be conquered.

B.N. age 62

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